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The Norwegian school, Garnes vidaregåande skule will be allowing first year students in 2016 to take eSports as a class opposed to gym.

I remember when I was in high school, getting to use the computer lab was an exciting time when me and my buddies would load up Duke Nuken 3d (dating myself.) And everytime the instructor would walk by we would have to ALT+TAB to show we were following along in the class.

This will not be the case for students of Norwegian School Garnes Vidaregåande Skole. They will be able to take an eSports class instead of the standard physical education classes.

“Students on the program will not simply spend five hours a week playing games at school. While gaming skills are important, the classes will include 90 minutes of physical training optimized for the games in question, with work on reflexes, strength, and endurance. Each class will be split; 15 students will play while the other 15 perform physical exercise. In an interview with Dotablast, Petter Grahl Johnstad, head of the school’s science department, says that the students will have their performance graded, with game knowledge and skills, communication, co-operation, and tactical ability all being assessed.”  (source)

The students will also have access to some of the nicest setups you could images, 980Titan Video Cards, Gaming Chairs, Pro Headsets, i7 processors, and gaming keyboard/mice. (from Garne’s Facebook page)


e goal of the course is to create a competitive team that can play on behalf of the school in the Norway scene within 3 years. Which is a solid investment considering the trend of eSports as of late. It was said by CEO of Unikrn Rahul Sood, that eSports could be bigger than American Football by 2017, Which would be a huge validation for eSports as a whole.


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