Legal Speed Hack - Lucio Gameplay Montage - Overwatch Beta - Omnic Guru


A short Overwatch gameplay montage mostly featuring frags from Lucio using his passive/active speed boost ability (Crossfade + Amp It Up) and wall riding techhnique. Whenever the speed of the video was altered for viewing pleasure, you will see a skipping forward animation on the top left corner of the video. If the animation is not present, you are witnessing Lucio’s real speed.

Video made by dhaK.

You can check out his other youtube videos here.

by NoCopyrightSounds…

Song: Waysons – Daydream [NCS Release]

Jason Welter
8BitGamer lives in Seattle Washington and spends his days working for eSports startup He also was a former competitive Tekken Tag player. He spends his free time playing Overwatch, League of Legends, and random steam games.

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