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      I try to read up on every new tabletop KS, and I sincerely hope the average KS creator is not your average Joe, because otherwise we would be in serious trouble.

      Dear KS wannabees: At least TRY to have a game hidden somewhere in your wall of text. And use an editor, or at least a spell checker. Have someone else review your page, preferably sober. Think really hard about NOT posting your KS. Oh, and don’t forget pesky details like copyrights and trademarks.
      It doesn’t seem like he even has a rough estimate of what each might charge for licensing. And how many was he planning on having? Assuming the game has a minimum of 4 players, you would expect each player to have a few sponsors each, so at a minimum of 12 big name companies. Or is it a two player game?

      Please help.

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